Amazing Vouchers – real scam or just an expensive way to save?

When we started we noticed that there was one company in South Africa that is obviously using the attractive concept of Couponing and Vouchers to sell people a long and expensive contract. Amazing Vouchers uses their call center marketing power to sell a subscription that allows them to use coupons and price-reduced vacations.

We at don’t charge any customer ever, but collected got the following offers for you:

Lots of complaints about Amazing Vouchers can be found online. Hellopeter users did post 150 complaints about Amazing Vouchers so far, very worth reading through them. users say: “I joined amazing vouchers because i thought i would get value for money but up to so far i am just losing money every month” and Google suggests that many people search for “Amazing Vouchers Scam” when they ask the search engine:

What is your experience with them? Did they save you money or did you lose some? Please share your thoughts…

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  • Amazing Vouchers sh0uld familiarize themselves with the legislation in SA, in particular the C0nsumer Protection Act. They fail to disclose that one enters into a 12 month fixed term contract, which is the way they TRY and keep you to a contract which you don’t want to be in. There are remedies, people!!! That is the loophole – they did not do a full disclosure on the term of the contract.

  • I love Amazing Vouchers. They have lots of freebies on their site, you can’t get anywhere else. Been a member now for almost 3 years. I think people forget about the freebies, they only see the discounts. AV is not a coupon site. I think you guys have got it wrong…


  • I been a member for over 2 years, I dont understand what all the complaints are about
    if you have access to the internet you can log into the site and print off the vouchers, most are to be able to be used nationally?

    Only once did i ever have an issue redeeming a voucher in the last 2 years and that had nothing to do AV and more the merchant

    for me its all good


  • WOW your business ethos is questionable when you need to run a company down in order to get your brand out there. Perhaps you should concentrate on actually adding those coupons that is if any reputable firm would want to do business with characters like yourselves!

    Perhaps you should stick to twitter Randolf Jorberg!!!!